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Technical Support & Repairs

Your speech-generating device was built to handle even the toughest treatment, yet still last for years.

But things happen. Should you have any questions about your device, or need a repair, the manufacturers are never more than a phone call, email or chat away.

Below is a listing of resources for PRC and Saltillo to contact for technical support or repairs to your device.



Accent Device Support

Support available online for your Accent device, including:

  • Articles
  • Downloads
  • Topics
  • Additional Resource links

Saltillo Device Support

Support available online for your Saltillo device, including:

  • Articles
  • Downloads
  • Topics

Support for PRC language systems, including:

Support for Saltillo language system, including:

Training & Professional Development

PRC offers a wide range of product training and implementation classes for speech-language pathologists (SLPs), special educators, and other professionals who help clients communicate using AAC products, as well as parents of device users. Live on-line, on-demand, and in-person courses are available.

For additional information on training and professional development:

Language Lab

A comprehensive web resource for clinicians, teachers, and parents to support language development and communication with AAC at school, work, and home. The Language Lab support clinical practice through learning tools and resources for the six stages of language development. New PRC devices include a free one-year subscription.

Realize Language

An online service exclusively from PRC that gives parents and professionals powerful ways to monitor, measure and maximize an individual's use of an AAC device. Realize Language automatically collects data when the device is used and presents it in easy-to-understand graphic formats. New PRC devices include a free one-year subscription.